Praise the Lord to the Miracle Temple Family and the people of God everywhere. I greet you in the Matchless Name of Jesus! Recently I witnessed one of the most amazing things while our mission’s team ministered in Costa Rica. I had to comment to Pastor Brown how I felt seeing young and old, men and women, boys and girls, praising The Lord unashamedly! As soon as the call to worship was made everybody stood on up! I felt bad that I had to sit after the first 2-3 songs because of my back pain. People were dancing and singing and worshiping God the entire 30 minutes of praise and worship! This happened at nearly every service that we attended at every church! What I began to realize was that on the foreign missions field people of other cultures really go hard for the Lord! They came out with such an expectation level that The Lord had to deliver. People’s bodies were healed, souls were filled with the Holy Spirit, and real change was made manifest. My eyes were opened to the need for us as the people of God in the Western Hemisphere had better catch up with those of other countries if we truly want what God has for us as His own. While we are settling for a praise break in the church, they are breaking chains with their praise! We can and must do better, if not for ourselves let’s do it for the generations that are following us. Can we combine the scriptures, ‘Train up a child’ and ‘worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth’?