Praise the Lord to the Miracle Temple Family and the people of God everywhere. I greet you in the Matchless Name of Jesus! The Spiritual Theme for October 2018 is, “The Wonder Of Worship.” When we worship God; we are paying homage to Him for what He has done in our lives. Everyday, God works miracles in all of our lives, whether we see the miracles or not is another story. In this series, “The Wonders of Worship,” we dive into worship with a refreshing outlook. This series is for those who have, as well as those who haven’t, grasped what true & genuine worship is. Believe me when I say, “you don’t want to miss this series!” Please feel free to invite a friend or family member to be our guest. If you are unable to attend the bible study you may watch at 7pm on Facebook Live; add & follow ‘Thomas Marc Gandy’! Until our next communication, Pastor T Marc Gandy