Praise the Lord to the Miracle Temple Family and the people of God everywhere.
I greet you all in the Matchless Name of Jesus Christ.

I want to encourage somebody today as you read this correspondence that The Lord is not angry at you, and He doesn’t hate you.

Why are you saying that Pastor Marc?


I say that because you are acting like God doesn’t care about you and that he isn’t concerned about you. He cares for you, and he is concerned about the things that concern you.


God knows everything about you because he is omniscient. He also knows those things that keep you awake at night, things that have you tossing and turning. The Word of God says for us to cast all of our cares on him because he cares for us.


You don’t have to worry and be upset about the things that you have no control over. Take it to the Lord and watch Him work it out on your behalf. God loves you and he thinks of you as the apple of his eye! He considers you in all of his decisions that he makes concerning you. So, don’t you worry and don’t be afraid.


God is with you! You got this!

Until our next communication,

Dr. T. Marc Gandy, Ph. D., Senior Pastor