Praise The Lord to the Miracle Temple Church Family and the people of God everywhere. We are living in a time of lives where it is so important to regain control over some things. For example, many of us would agree that there are some relationships that were either severed or at the minimum, strained because of a big misunderstanding. Family members at odds with each other for years over an issue that really was not serious enough to have kept them from speaking to one another. For us to regain control over these types of situations it will require some humility on our part. Sometimes the saint must take the initiative and be the first to reach out to the other person. If it is meant to happen I’m sure that God has already been dealing with the other party too.
Maybe the area you are trying to regain control in is of a personal nature, some part of your life that you have given up on. Maybe it is your dream of being an entrepreneur, returning to school, or pursuing a career path. The time is now, there is no better time than the present to regain control.
Until our next communication I remain your servant,
Pastor T. Marc Gandy